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Nexyn Corporation                

Building Trust Every Day.

About Us

Founded in 1998, Nexyn Corporation has set out to supply
innovative products to the microwave community.
We are committed to providing technically superior
products at reasonable prices with the highest
regard to customer service and quality

Nexyn Corporation specializes in high performance oscillators including  PLDRO's,PLXO's,PLCRO's,FRDRO's, low phase noise synthesizers,
subsystems and custom designs for Defense, Radar, Missile systems, digital radio, test equipment and any other application where low phase noise
and high stability is critical.      
Our PLDRO's have the lowest phase noise available (exceeding ALL of our competitors). Our products have been convincingly proven in our customer's

Superior performance and on-time delivery make Nexyn's products the smartest choice.

Innovatively designed PLDRO's,PLXO's,PLCRO's,FRDRO's, and synthesizers etc..

Improve your system's performance!

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